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Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – I don’t want my tv you can have it



From Sweden, comes Lissi Dancefloor Disaster with her harder edge electro mixing in elements of chip tune for good measure. Now, I know this is gonna bother me until I figure it out, but the melody in this track is taken from a well know 80′s track — but for the life of me I can’t place it. So all you out there with the Killer ears, lend me your ear drums and post what melody she is taking from.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – I don’t want my tv you can have it

You can download the entire EP from here:


UPDATE: Jazgar left a comment in regards to the 80′s song that Lissi took the melody from, it’s Cat Stephen’s, “Wild World”.   whew… now I have peace of mind :)


The Presets – Girl and the Sea


Bio taken for

The Presets are an electronic two piece based from Sydney, Australia. The Presets have been one of the biggest indie bands for the past few years in the Sydney area touring and supporting many well known bands such as 2 Many DJ’s and Ladytron. Their debut LP Beams combines electro, rock, techno, pop and a handful of other genres together in a seamless manner. They’ve also released a series of EP’s ( 2003′s Blow Up EP, 2004′s Girl and the Sea EP ) prior to their debut LP. The song “Girl and the Sea” appeared on “The OC” and the duo began getting a lot of radio airtime soon afterwards.

The Presets are Julian Hamilton on Synth/keyboard/vocals and Kimberly Moyes on Drums. They list New Order among many others as influences.
Their song “Are You The One?” was used on the hit US reality show “So You Think You Can Dance?” in August 2007.

The Presets – Girl and the Sea  

Solvent – Wish



Solvent is Jason Amm from Toronto, Canada and produces old school type electro / electronica with vocoded vocals and a splash of modern beats. Check out his influences from his myspace page and tell me he isn’t onto something there:

Order, I-F, O.M.D., Gary Numan, Bochum Welt, Cabaret Voltaire, Skanfrom, Perspects, Locust, Le Car, Front 242, Lowfish, John Foxx, Adult., Mute, Ersatz Audio, Suction Records, Rephlex, Skam

Also check out his remix of Soft Cell’s, “Little Rough Rinestone” – solid stuff. Wis can be found on his 2005 release titled, “Elevators and Oscillators“.

Solvent – Wish





Let’s Go Outside – I’ll Lick Your Spine (ft. Christina Broussard)


Soma recording artist, Let’s Go Outside (aka Stephen Schieberl) has a new full length album that was released January 28th, titled “A Picnic with The Hunters”. This particular track has a nice mix of minimal electro, such as a booming kick drum, 808 hi-hats and vocals.

Soma Bio:

Stephen Schieberl has produced electronic music for over a decade, taking the mantra “Let’s Go Outside” as his moniker. Residing in Portland, Oregon where he first released on small local experimental label, Buried In Time, he soon moved onto Bradford-based Midnight Recordings before being picked up by Soma shortly afterwards.

His discography includes everything from nearly silent ambient to the most destructive of techno, and all which lies between. Let’s Go Outside’s performances borrow from this immense palette to create a form of techno that defies genre. His weird and filthy techno hits you like a rusty chainsaw in the face… in a good way.

Let’s Go Outside – I’ll Lick Your Spine (ft. Christina Broussard) [Removed per request]

You can preview the entire album here & here



Robots in Disguise – Postcards From


Dee Plume and Sue Denim met each other at the University of Liverpool and formed the electro-pop band, Robots in Disguise.   This track in particular has a subtle synth pad sound for a bass line which is colored with an acoustic guitar and a very acoustic snare drum and rim shot that punches through the mix.   The vocals are very art school.

They describe their sound as, “… Indie, punk, funk, rock. That sounds a bit pretentious doesn’t it? It’s a bit of everything with an electro backing and two vocals harmonizing.”



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Shout Out Out Out Out – Dude You Feel Electrical


Gang of Four-ish bass line, vocoded vocals, disco-esque backbeat, with Rock feeling throughout is the decor for Shout Out Out Out Out’s, “Dude You Feel Electrical”. Kinda of hover in the space between Interpol and Daft Punk.

A couple members (Gravy and Lyle) of Shout Out Out Out Out also play in a banded called Whitey Houston.




PS. Merry X-mas!