Dubstep vibe but more on the Trip Hop side of the fence. The chorus is more straight up Trip Hop with the drums and guitar work. What sets it apart though is the vocals. Warm and subtle and never overbearing. The vocals are relaxed but fit the vibe and mood of the track. As his bio states: “Musicmaker from Birmingham/Berlin depending on the weather.”

La+ch – Kiss

Atmospheric and melancholy opening track from the latest full length from La+ch. ‘Kiss’ incorporates dub step, house, and electronica to paint a tapestry of sound that is somewhere between dystopia and lost love. It’s haunting and grooving all at the same time. My only complaint is that it is too short – but I guess that’s why we have play repeat on our devices. La+ch is a Toronto, Canadian based singer / producer.

Marian Hill – like u do (Remix by Clear Eyes)

From the moment when the first kick drops this remix had me. I wasn’t familiar with the original version but was shocked when I heard a female vocal as opposed to the male vocal on the remix. As I checked out the original, which is solid on it’s own, this remix is more in my vein of electronic music that is slightly askewed. Clear Eyes take the original and infuses it with a dub step vibe and grounds the track with more emotion. The builds are never over the top but are tastefully done.

Clear Eyes is the artist project of Jeremy Lloyd from Marian Hill.