Lena Luca – Rosebuds

Electro funk infused disco number with a very catchy chorus of ‘Pain or Pleasure’. Lena has crafted a very fun yet seductive tune that is cool and dance able. That synth flourish in the background during the chorus is such a nice touch and really adds to the mood. Lena Luca is based in Austin, Texas.

Aristo G – Touch

Grooving disco number with a catchy vocal always hits home for me. This Gorgio Moroder inspired number has all the right ingredients like the ubiquitous hand claps, lasers, string hits and the deep pulsating bass. It’s a fit for any rooftop dance part that is warming up the night. This track can be found on his 2020 EP ‘Temptation / Touch’


This disco is apparently in the Caribbean with a rock guitar. The rhythm on this is has a tropical vibe and is accented with disco string stabs. The song is catchy, has a solid beat and overall fun vibe to it. I can hear quite a bit of Micheal Jackson influence on this track from how the vocals are sung to the Caribbean beat. Of course, there is the classic disco sound of lasers on this track as well, which reminds me of Lipps Inc. – Funky Town


You say you love me but then you don't answer the phone
Saturday night at the disco you're dancing alone 

You were never convinced by what your mama would say
And she'll never forgive you no way-o
She said boy you better work all day
'cause you're every night at the disco

Boy - you're every night at the disco