Maicous- Take My Light (featuring F.A.R)

What does one get when you mix a helping dose of Nu-Disco with vocal stylings reminiscent of The Knife? Well you get the latest releases from Maicous, ‘Take My Light’. This is one HOT track that is smooth but grooving. All the textures like the string stabs, rezy bass and laser shots support the vocals that are cool and sensual. Macious (aka Mark Crawford) currently hailing from the UK teamed up with Fox And Riot (F.A.R aka Rhys Oakes) on this outing. Hoping they continue to team up and make more tunes in this genre.

L’Imperatrice – Fou (Poolside remix)

Well crafted tune that was made a tiny bit better by Poolside. This is not a knock on Poolside, for whom I have great appreciation for. It’s just the original was so well done to begin with and why I posted it a few months here.

This remix puts a bit more of a relaxed sunshine vibe that Poolside is known for. Some of the more disco elements still shine though but with a more tropical twist.

L’Impératrice – Fou

Disco is alive in Paris, France with the a little help from L’Impératrice. L’Impératrice craft a smooth disco track with an ample supply of pop. This track can be found from their upcoming second album. ‘Fou’ is the French word for ‘crazy’. Nothing crazy here about this solid track just be sure to listen all the way through since it’s a ‘grower’.