Crookers – Arena (Ft. Poirier & Face-T)

These guys are so f-ing good… makes me sick…   But on the plus side, they are churning smokin’ tracks out left and right, which makes my ears happy.    Seriously, since they blew onto the scene with their Kid Cudi remix, which did wonders for both Crooker and Kid they have been  unstoppable.   This track is taken off of Crookers first full length titled, “Tons of Friends” which was released March 8th.

Crookers – Arena (Ft. Poirier & Face-T)

Damian Marley – All Night (featuring: Stephen Marley)

 Damian Marley – All Night (featuring: Stephen  Marley)


This track is taken from the “Welcome to Jamrock” album by Damian Marley.

This Reggae jam is a fun track, which sounds very much like Fatboy Slim.

Here’s Verse 2 from “All Night”

It seems she needs to oil her spine
Tell all a gyal toast bread can’t build di putty gold mine
Need all di doctor to fish with di essential slime
She tell me she want signal di plane n’ time me want slow wine
Turn on di HBO she want fi watch Showtime
Give her di cordless microphone, she want di one with line
Seem like me and young gyal ya just can’t combine
So it’s sour like lime
Running it down the line Mr. Muffin one timr

Now that’s what I call di song writting ya!