Rony Rex – Fabric

If this track doesn’t get you moving, there is something seriously wrong. I can only imagine how this sounds on a large sound system blasting that woozy bass and that high pitched wood block lead line. It’s probably not a stretch here to imagine this song is destined to get played on cat walks across the globe. The energy is second to none and that hook of ‘I’m cut from a different cloth’ just kills. All around crowd-pleaser and now if we can only get the clubs back open to play this bad-boy.


Eat More Cake – Show Me

Stimulating house beat with soothing vocals and resonant horns that are slightly muted. The track is an excellent mix of Electro Pop and Dance. Really dig the chords that are played on the upbeat which give the track a bit of playfulness. Eat More Cake are a DJ/Production/Songwriting collective from London. #EatMoreCake #Bestof2020 #DancePop #ElectroPop

Daniel Blume – Kardashian

Upbeat number that manages to get the name Kardashian into a very catchy melody in the chorus. The track comes his latest Ep, You Gave Me A Title, I Made A Song. Daniel’s soul inspired vocals really shine on this number. The production is beautifully crafted and the track has a solid groove. For fans of Calvin Harris.