Luca Stricagnoli – FEEL GOOD INC. (Gorillaz cover)

Not only is this video captivating to watch but he does a bang up job of nailing the groove on this track.


About the track:
Luca just release his second Abum “What If?”alt The 29. Sept. 2017 with six amazing Covers/Arrangement and four Originals. The Video “Feel Good Inc.” went viral on Facebook and reached more than 20 Million views in only two weeks. Some of the leading music-magazines already took notice and discovered th amazing guitarist and honoured the Album with great reviews. Luca plays a triple neck guitar he invented to be able to play the chords, vocal-line, bass-line and somehow the drums & percussion at the same time. A very impressive and still undiscovered artist who ist breaking all rules of playing and musically arrangements. Luca was born in italy He lives in Germany since two years together with the german Singer/Songwriter Meg Pfeiffer. Together they are playing on a world tour since this month.

Alxxa – Umbrella (Rihanna cover)


Always loved the original of this track that has such a catchy chorus.  I don’t post too many covers since most of them either A: they don’t do take the track into new territory , or B: they are not up to par with the original.  What we have is a track that forges new territory and in some respects, at least to me, out does the original.