Francis Novotny – Between The Lines

The first time I heard this song it floored me and I continued to play it at least 5 times a day since.  Just a sweet and savory mix of electronic beats and soulful vocals from Francis Novotny.  Easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year.

Short Bio:

Francis Novotny is a singer, producer and allusive multi-instrumentalist originally hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Raised on the eclectic record collections and role-model influence of five older siblings, shortly after school he moved to Paris to ostensibly study French (but in reality, to work on his music in the relative peace of a quieter household).

Here, for a brief time Francis felt compelled to try his hand at making House, before finding his voice (quite literally) in the crowd: now Novotny draws on a colourful and varied mix of styles (glitch-hop, R&B, electro-soul), seemingly as influenced by Hudson Mohawke and Cashmere Cat as the genre-mutating qualities of Gorillaz.

A glimpse into this eccentric world-view was suggested by ‘Hit & Run’, a playful and experimental instrumental cut quietly uploaded before today’s introduction of ‘Between The Lines’ (all juddering synths, crisp beats, and the first evidence of Francis’ ghostly, romantic vocal). A refreshing and unpredictable new talent.