GRAACE – You Do You

It’s the emoting behind the vocals that make this track stand out and the overall production. The vocals have heart and the production has sizzle. The semi-laid back beat with house flourishes crown the achievement. That pre-chorus is such a nice build into the chorus that is sure to get the dance floor moving. Hats off the producer and of course to Graace on this stunning work.

GOGGI – Deep End

There is a certain type of melancholy in vocals that I love and this is exactly what we have here. It’s that mix of sweet and somber that just resonates at that perfect frequency. The melody is outstanding as well. The original is by Foushee. GOOGI here captured the best of the original and has framed it with a house driven beat. Also like the lead synth that has a horn sound to it. Hope we get a longer edit of this in the future.

Ryan Shepherd – Hello Sunday (ft. Caitlyn Scarlett)

Caitlyn’s vocals pop on this new house number from Ryan Shepherd. The healing vibes here will lift any mood. With its upbeat piano chords to the energetic house beat this number will get you moving. The lyrics talk about empowering yourself and avoiding the pitfalls of trying to control things beyond your control. I really like the vocal bits that are cut up for an interesting melody line in the chorus. Ryan Shepherd is a DJ/Producer from Toronto, Ontario (Canada).