New: Logan Lynn – Burning Your Glory


Just received a copy of Logan Lynn‘s new full length offering called, “From Pillar to Post” (due out later this year).   Logan Lynn delivers on the promise of his hit, “Feed Me To The Wolves” by creating a rich, atmospheric and electronic collection of sounds and voice.   Several stand out tracks on the album include:

If He Hollers –   A cross breed of Depeche Mode starkness with Duran Duran production sensibilites.   Easly one of the best tracks on the album!

Bottom Your Way To The Top – Industrial sounds and dark brooding make up the body of this track.   In my mind, the video that is conjured upon listening to this track is:     A slow free fall down an elevator shaft with glimpses of   your troubled past on each floor.

Burning Your Glory – Melancholy heartache never sounded so pretty, simply breathtaking.

Logan Lynn – Burning Your Glory

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