The Presets – Ghosts


So damn good, this track grows on you after multiple listens, don’t believe me, give it a go — seriously.  This track is taken off their new forth-coming album,  Pacifica (out digitally on September 10 and in stores the 11th via Casablanca).

The Presets – Girl and the Sea


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The Presets are an electronic two piece based from Sydney, Australia. The Presets have been one of the biggest indie bands for the past few years in the Sydney area touring and supporting many well known bands such as 2 Many DJ’s and Ladytron. Their debut LP Beams combines electro, rock, techno, pop and a handful of other genres together in a seamless manner. They’ve also released a series of EP’s ( 2003’s Blow Up EP, 2004’s Girl and the Sea EP ) prior to their debut LP. The song “Girl and the Sea” appeared on “The OC” and the duo began getting a lot of radio airtime soon afterwards.

The Presets are Julian Hamilton on Synth/keyboard/vocals and Kimberly Moyes on Drums. They list New Order among many others as influences.
Their song “Are You The One?” was used on the hit US reality show “So You Think You Can Dance?” in August 2007.

The Presets – Girl and the Sea  

The Presets – Are You The One

Ok, so my guilty pleasure of the year is the tv show, “So You Think You Can Dance”.

For those of you that missed this gem of reality tv, it’s a dance show and competition similar to the premise of American Idol. Anyway, aside from being a fun and addicting show every once in a while I’ll hear a track they use for a dance routine that just blows me away. The Presets – Are You The One is such a track. This electro/rock tune by the Australian Presets has a very sleazy feel (think soft cell esque meets LCD Soundsystems) and hand claps… I just love me some Hand Claps…

so here it is: The Presets – Are You The One