Nun – Evoke The Sleep


Throwing attitude and their punk aesthetics against a backdrop of synths.  This is synthpunk!


Formed in late 2011, Nun started life as a recording project for members Jenny Branagan, Tom Hardisty (Woollen Kits), Steven Harris and Hugh Young (Constant Mongrel / Hamhock). The group formed over a shared love of bands such as Iron Curtain, Sixx, Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Snowy Red, John Carpenter, Goblin and Christian Death. The band also draw aesthetic influence from 80’s BBC sci-fi dramas such as Threads, the children’s occult classic Moondial, British 70’s horror films such as Blood on Satan’s Claw, Carpenter’s classic They Live and Cronenberg’s Videodrome, as well as the esoteric imagery of books such as Readers Digest: Strange Stories & Amazing Facts, where images of possession, stigmata, spirit photography and apparitions sit beside tales of the Loch Ness Monster and moving statues.

Featuring huge gnarly basslines, shimmering analogue synths, punishing drum machine and the most malevolent vocal presence since the Dalek, Nun’s sound ranges from sinister drone orgy to hyperkinetic synth punk and uber-saturated gothic psychosis.

Bio written by Miles Brown.

Say Yes Dog – Get It



Anyone that has a hankering for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D) and Hot Chip should enjoy the sonic delights of Say Yes Dog. Lovely house sounds that gel so well with lead singer Aaron Ahrends vocals.  Also enjoy the cover art for the single, a not so subtle nod to GeoEngineering (aka Chem Trails).

Here is the entire EP, solid from start to finish:

Short Bio:

Currently based in The Hague, Netherlands, Say Yes Dog was founded a couple of year back by two Germans and one Luxembourger. The trio merges danceable synthesizer melodies with great beats, all brought together but Aaron’s warm vocals.