NEW: Roisin Murphy – Demon Lover (Preview/Youtube Rip)


Since I have no patience, I decieded to find any semi-decent sample of Roisin’s new track “Demon Lover”, which is still unreleased.

Roisin left her previous label (EMI) earlier this year is striking out on her own.  I wish her musch successes, since most lables do not really have the artists best interest at heart.

Via her blog she has stated she has several tracks completed and is looking toward releasing them in a non traditional way.  So I interpret that as Roisin releasing EP’s digitally as opposed to a full length on CD, however I could be wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time.

Titles of new tracks are:

Demon Lover


Leviathan (Do It Yourself) with Kid Gloves.

I for one love the direct Roisin is heading, and can’t wait for an EP of new tracks from her.  Yet another artist I would love to collaborate with on a track!

Roisin Murphy – Demon Lover

Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know

This is the second post from me for Roisin Murphy, and looks like the team up with Andy Cato from Groove Aramada is going to pay off in a big way.   This is the second track to be released from Roisin Murphy’s future album entitled, “Overpowered”.   This track kinda hovers in the area usually reserved for Everything But the Girl with the typical house chord progressions, pop structure and disco-esque builds.   The track starts out with a minor ballad and then starts the build up to the disco track epic it will eventually become.



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