Best of 2017 Electronic Pop

Midnight Mystery Club – Alright

As stated here before, Midnight Mystery Club is one to watch this year.  Their latest single has a bit of a sun drenched California vibe mixed with a laid back electronic beat.  The vocal melody on this just sticks the landing.

Be on the lookout for the full  length that drops this week on April 7th.


There is no sense in us staying
Slaved to the fear of some changing
How will we ever get by
Guess we won’t know till’ we try

We’ll be alright

I get no kicks from complaining
World will remember you saying
How will we ever get by
Guess we won’t know till we try


Best of 2016 Electronic Pop

Midnight Mystery Club – Calling Me

Midnight Mystery ClugOne of my favorite new artists has just released another captivating track titled, “Calling Me”.

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Lyrics –

Do I feel you in the dark
Or just a fantasy
Could I crawl inside your heart
Like I’m imagining
There’s a soft sound from afar
That I hear echoing
Like the faint light of a star
That is beckoning

I keep hearing you call are you calling me
(But I’m falling)

There’s a comfort in your tone
Like a steady stream
And I will wade out on the stones
Until it covers me
Could you be all I’ve ever know
And all I ever need
Wherever you are is home
When you’re my everything

I’m hearing you call are you calling me
(But I’m falling)

Lyrics by David Paul Newell Music by David Paul Newell & Michael Gray
Produced by Michael Gray. Mastered by Mike Marsh, The Exchange London
Publishing: Pete Gooding & Notting Hill Music



Best of 2016 Disco Electronic House

Midnight Mystery Club – Richest Man in The World


Think Phil Collins vocals over a smooth and delectable modern house beat.  Midnight Mystery Club nails this sound to a T.  If you haven’t heard his first release “Run” but sure to check it here

Midnight Mystery Club is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

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