Who Made Who – Keep Me In My Plane


Who Made Who reminds me, on this particular track, of a more disco infused Junior Boys track with smooth and warm vocals over a disco-esque rhythm section.

Who Made Who – Keep Me In My Plane

BTW: Beautifully shot video for this track, love the stoic look through out:

Bio from Facebook:

WhoMadeWho may lack a question mark after their name but their music will certainly have you asking after them. Why do they dress up in skeleton suits when they play live? Why does a band supposedly known for disco punk start their second album with an outbreak of omnious sounding woodwind? And why do they fill their most breezy pop moments with teutonic synths? The Danish trio are difficult to pin down but their music sounds as effortless as it is stylistically and sonically adventurous. WhoMadeWho are on a mission to eschew convention.