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Classixx – I’ll Get You (ft. Jeppe)



Really looking forward to hearing Jeppe Laursen’s own full length, which according to several sources should be on it’s way.  Jeppe is on my, oh-my-god I can’t believe I get to work with…, dream list of people I would be over-the-moon to work with.  He has such a strong presence with all of the good synth 80’s influences seeping in.  For the time being, I will enjoy his previous collaborations like this track from Classixx.



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Jeppe – Johhny Come Home (Fine Young Cannibals cover)


Just found my new love, it’s Jeppe Laursen.   Jeppe Laursen was one half of Junior Senior (the other half being, Jesper Mortensen), who scored a huge hit with “Move Your Feet“.   Late 2008, both members called it quits to pursue solo ventures.   And the first effort for Jeppe was this   cover of Fine Young Cannibals’ ‘Johnny Come Home’.   Jeppe recently also lent his voice to Classixx’s track called “I’ll Get You”.   Looking forward to Jeppe’s 2010 releases!   Warning — Shameless Plug: Jeppe, in case you’re reading this, would love to hear your voice on a track of mine — listen here for a taste of my work:

Jeppe – Johhny Come Home

Jeppe – Big Boy

Classixx – I’ll Get You (Ft. Jeppe)

Classixx – I’ll Get You (Ft. Jeppe)   Coulson Remix

Slightly off topic was a tweet from Jeppe that “Kelis’ Accapella is so Andy Bell (of Erasure) it cracks me up”.   Sure enough, Jeppe is spot on.   Not really a Kelis fan, but this track I’m actually feeling.

Kelis – Accapella