Oscar & the Wolf – So Real

Brooding synths with a hip hop beat make the framework of this emotive track from Oscar & the Wolf.

Vox Eagle – Come Over

A bit psychedelic with it’s washy string sounds that swirl around a driving beat.

For fans of: The Chemical Brothers, Animal Collective

Midnight Mystery Club – Alright

As stated here before, Midnight Mystery Club is one to watch this year.  Their latest single has a bit of a sun drenched California vibe mixed with a laid back electronic beat.  The vocal melody on this just sticks the landing.

Be on the lookout for the full  length that drops this week on April 7th.



There is no sense in us staying
Slaved to the fear of some changing
How will we ever get by
Guess we won’t know till’ we try

We’ll be alright

I get no kicks from complaining
World will remember you saying
How will we ever get by
Guess we won’t know till we try