MASS ELECTRIC – I Would Like To Go Up


Busting out the synths and drum machines of the 80’s on this one.  It’s a  charming, fun, and light hearted.   Has that Yazoo sound I just love!  The entire EP is a fun ride:

Short Bio:
Mass Electric is a Dutch band formed by 3 producers: Bo Koek, Rik Elstgeest and Gerry Arling. The single “I Would Like To Go Up” is the first single of their debut album Lonely On The 3rd Floor. ‘I Would Like To Go Up’ is released on 11 Jun 2014 and the album in september this year.

here’s another great track as well:

Bandcamp link here:

Night Drive – After Dark


Night Drive is the bridge between Joy Division to New Order. Has that Joy Division bassline sound that melds with the synth sounds of New Order.

St. Luca – Forgiveness


New electronic pop from Brooklyn based St. Luca.  As the cover artworks suggests, it’s a tropical sounding track that builds and builds and then recedes like an ocean current.


Color Theory – Headphones


Right on the heels of the release of Adjustments Pt. 2 EP from Color Theory, which is set to be released tomorrow, we have the first single entitled, “Headphones”.   Love that rubber bass that smudges and oozes and the pseudo-guitar licks.