Native Sons – Say Nothing

Really like the subtle nature of the song that slowly pulls you in.  The melody, as it’s weaves in and out, starts to really sink in.

About the song:
Native Sons is the most recent up and coming product from the Bay Area. After a stint of touring and a 2013 Bottle Rock Festival appearance with their blues/rock band, The Iron Heart, Thomas Fine and Justin Altamira have finally decided to re-think their music trajectory. With a back catalogue of over a hundred songs, the duo called on industry friends and producers to record their debut that included Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Adele), Shawn Harris (The Matches, St. Ranger), Jason Carmer (Third Eye Blind, Kimya Dawson), and composer Chris Foltz. With a mix of pop, dance, electronic and rock, the seven song EP, Super American, takes the listener on an introspective journey through past relationships.

Jonny Wails – Right My Wrongs

Rich and deep vocals ride over a pulsating bassline and a electronic piano that keeps it all together.  More of a electronic blues number that oozes soul.  Damn good and original.

About the song:

The artist had this to say about the track:
” This one is about a drunken stupor I found myself in one night.”

NOVAA x LO – Lights

Creative use of Church bells as the backing frame work till the chorus lands.

About the song:

LIGHTS approaches the question if being in love means falling for someone else or falling for yourself and the person that the other one sees in you. The song captures the torn feeling of being madly in love with someone but also questioning it. When you fall for someone it’s always something that you are not in charge of. It’s beautifully overwhelming but also scary and unpredictable. – NOVAA & LO



“Lights” is the lead single from their upcoming collaborative album of the same name, with sounds ranging from soothing bass hymns a la FKA Twigs, playful Björk-esque soundscapes to more house influenced tunes like you’d find on the newest Diplo or AlunaGeorge record.

Color Theory – Glory Days

Brian Hazard (aka Color Theory) is the one man wizard behind this latest romantic synth track “Glory Days”.  It’s a warm and melodic synthwave track that is well written and catchy.


Nothing changes in the day by day
But then we look back
And nothing is the same
What do we cling to at the last?

Boring stories of foolish acts
Enlarged and embellished
Sealed and vacuum-packed
Best friends can’t let go of the past

A life in Technicolor
Beyond the ever after
A yellowed Polaroid
Can’t fill the aching void
Of glory days
Glory days

Crushed by the absolute fact
That things can never go back
To how they used to be
Accept wholeheartedly
The glory days
Those were the glory days

Wasn’t ready to come of age
Still waiting for my shot at center stage
Too immature to let it go

I’m inclined to take the longer view
The future me seeking out the future you
Forever hunting high and low

It isn’t all bad, getting older
Waited years to kiss you
Wasted away
And now I do it every day

And if you can’t recall
We’ll just redo it all
The glory days
These are the glory days.