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Year of the Tiger – Electric

Named after the 2010    Chinese New Year, Year of The Tiger sent a sultry electro track that reminds me of one of my beloved Goldfrapp’s tracks, “Strict Machine” but with more of a rock edge to it.

Year of The Tiger is Sable & Henry who appear to have only started producing music together since December of 09.  In a word, “WOW”.   Excellent production adorns all their tracks, and Sable’s voice has that bit of edge that I always love from a vocalist.   You don’t know if she wants to beat you up or wants to seduce you, but either way it’s going to be exciting.

Year of the Tiger – Electric

“Electric” comes off Year of the Tiger’s recently finish five track EP.

Head over to their blog for more sonic goodness: http://yearofthetigermusic.tumblr.com/

NEW: Coury Palermo – Here Comes the Rain Again (Odd Year)

Coury Palermo has just released is first EP, “boxsideoutV.1″ which can be purchased on iTunes.   And as an added bonus is releasing a new remix of his cover version of Eurythmics, “Here Comes The Rain Again”.   This particular cover is remixed by Odd Year.

Coury Palermo – Here Comes the Rain Again (Odd Year)

NEW: Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Beautiful melancholy and sweeping vocals adorn this track.  I can see some great remixes generated from this track in the future.  And the steel drum  makes an appearance here too, just like in  One Life Stand

NEW: Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Lyrics (from what I can decipher):

she said
how did we get ourselves so lost
but I said
I don’t know
but we will not be leaving tonight, tonight
when you hold me
I, I feel better
I only want one life
together in our arms
this is the longest night
we’re meeting arms to arms
nothing is wasted
and life is worth living
heaven is nowhere
just look to the stars
there is a daylight
it’s yours for embracing
everything is nothing
and nothing is ours

NEW: Basement Jaxx – Scars

Hot new track from the Basement Jaxx, also really dig the video for it as well.  Thier new album is set to drop September 22,2009.  Till then, enjoy this slammer:

Basement Jaxx – Scars

Track listing


2.Twerk (featuring Yo! Majesty)

3.Feeling’s Gone (featuring Sam Sparro)

4.Saga (featuring Santigold)

5.My Turn (featuring Lightspeed Champion)


7.She’s No Good (featuring Eli “Paperboy” Reed)


9.Day of the Sunflowers (We March On) (featuring Yoko Ono)

10.What’s a Girl Got to Do?

11.Gimme Something True


Video for Scars:

Esser – Headlock


Solid, solid electronic track for summer.   Esser (aka Ben Esser) is a one man schmorgesborg of music.  Mixing a little dub, a pince of glitch, some ska, and wrapping the whole into a electronic pop wrapper — just perfect!   This track is taken from Esser’s full lenth, “Braveface”.

Esser – Headlock

Video for Headlock

Esser – Headlock (Spike Stent Mix) from stars redmond on Vimeo.

Video for another track called, “Satisfied”: