The Grid (aka Dave Ball of Soft Cell & Richard Norris) – Closer

All ways nice to hear new material from one of my early inspirations, in this case it’s Dave Ball of Soft Cell with his co-writer Richard Norris (aka The Grid). They have just released their fifth studio album this year called, “Doppelganger”. This particular track has hints of Dave Balls early work with Soft Cell. The entire album sees the duo returning to true form of their early 90’s “Grid” sound. bio:

The Grid is an English group/production group for electronic music, that consists of Richard Norris and David Ball (mostly Dave Ball as a solo artist and formerly of Soft Cell).

Their 1994 single “Swamp Thing”, which featured elaborate banjo lines (played by Roger Dinsdale) over house beats was widely popular in the UK and Australia, reaching number forty-four on the 1994 Triple J Hottest 100. The Grid’s 1994 album Evolver, which contained the “Swamp Thing” single, reached number fourteen in the UK charts. “Swamp Thing” was also released in 1995 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 Volume 2 compilation. Other songs by The Grid include Texas Cowboys, Rollercoaster and Flotation.

After splitting up to pursue individual music interests in 1996, the duo re-formed in 2003. By 2006 the pair were reportedly to have been recording new studio tracks. In early 2006 the band began touring under the name GDM with female singer Misty Woods.

Dave Ball reunited with Marc Almond for a new Soft Cell album and tour in 2002-3.
Richard Norris is currently working with Erol Alkan under the moniker Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, under which they released an album of acid rock re-edits called “Spring” in the summer of 2006.

The Grid – Closer