Mollono.Bass – No Silence (ft. Kuoko)

Pulsating electronic beats with a push and pull bassline is the frame work set for singer Kuoko who reminds me of Lykke Li. The track has a well constructed build that keeps things interesting with flourishes of new elements like the electric guitar, woodwind and wood percussive instruments. The song talks about a new relationship that is all encompassing to the point of losing oneself and almost losing their own identity. Mollono.Bass resides in Germany and Kuoko is an artist, songwriter and music producer from Hamburg.

Edwin Organ – The River

Fans of Hot Chip should really dig this track. It has that quirky quality that Hot Chip has in their music. The vocals I would say a bit better than Hot Chip since Edwin has a bit more depth to his voice. One of my favorite tracks at the moment – been on heavy rotation at home and in my car.

Edwin has this to say about the track, “The River is a song about love and mistakes. As humans we get caught up in a lot of things. Distractions can really get us in a pickle and its worse when hindsight presents us with all the signs we missed clear as day.”

Revelever – Future Forward (ft. Shannon Maree)

I have soft spot for any track that sounds like Vince Clarke produced during his Yazoo years. This track captures that vibe in perfect form. Granted, vocally it’s different from Alison Moyet but Shannon Maree makes this sound her own. It’s very similar to one of the more mellow Yazoo tracks. Overall, this track made me smile and I had to have it. I also love the cover art for this track.

Jacana People – Amaya

This track has such a cool vibe and groove to it. A bit ethereal but never loses it’s momentum by way of hypnotic drum beat. It’s a chilled House tune to be enjoyed many times over. For fans of Bonobo and Four Tet.