Clas Tuuth – Air

Strong Four Tet meets Burial vibe with it’s sample manipulations, break beat rhythms and abstract sonics.

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A Love Like Pi – Jack and The Giant

Dreamy melancholy ambient electronic pop rock — say that three times fast ūüôā

Short Bio:

Much like their name, A Love Like Pi mixes the abstract with the indelible.¬†Drawing from his orchestral background, lead singer Lief arranges pieces that fall¬†along a wide spectrum. From the shimmering and delicate “Jack and the Giant”¬†to the propulsive electronic anthem “Atlas” each A Love Like Pi song offers a new¬†perspective into the trio’s unique dynamic, as well as adding to the album-spanning conceptual narrative the group has committed themselves to finishing.

Superpoze – Unlive

French producer Superpoze has just unveild his first track from his upcoming album ‘Opening’. ¬†It’s a dark melodic piece centered around a piano melody. ¬†Differently one for headphone listening / aural transportation.

Mira, un Lobo! – Serotonin


Something of a mix between The Knife and Miike Snow but on the ambient dub step side of things– if that makes senses? ¬†That was my initial reaction to this track. ¬†It’s a late night mix tape track that has a ton of atmosphere.


Directed by Chris Lee & Paul Storrie.

As a side note, Chris Lee co-wrote and was the DOP of SBTRKT‚Äôs ¬†‚ÄúWildfire‚ÄĚ video.¬†

Lovage – Pit Stop (Instrumental)


Ok, so Lovage (aka Dan the Automator ¬† side project) released two version of this album, called Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. ¬† One which included a vocalist and was somewhat campy, which I didn’t care for and other being an all instrumental version of the album from which this track was taken from . ¬† ¬† ¬† To listen to the vocal version of this album visit their myspace page. ¬† This is probably one of the few times I strongly favor an instrument version over a vocal version of an album, being that l love vocals on just about anything.

Also, a side note the cover above was a tribute to the cover of Serge Gainsbourg‘s album “No. 2”.


Lovage – Pit Stop (Instrumental)

Lovage – Anger Management (Instrumental)