Ulrich Schnauss – Stars & Medusa

Ulrich Schnauss –  Stars


This track is a massive wall of sound similar to shoegazing acts like Lush, Slowdive, and Cocteau Twins. Give this track a minute or two to be drawn in and drowned in a beautiful mix of electronic bliss and dreamy vocals.

Ulrich Schnauss –  Medusa

Meduse has swelling vocals that ebb and flow to a soothing wall of sound and a climactic wash, that has a little harder hitting action to it compaired to “Stars”

Both tracks can be found on the Goodbye album by Ulrich Schnauss

She Wants Revenge – Written In Blood

Don’t you just love it when you listen to a great album, wonder when the next album will be released, and then find out in just a matter of minutes online that a new album is just around the corner? That happed today when I did a search on She Wants Revenge. Their freshmen outing was a great album from start to finish. Their sophomore outing title, “This is Forever” is due in stores October 9th, 2007!

She Wants Revenge – Written In Blood