Techno Squirrels – Love Comes First


LA based band with a horrible name, but beautiful music.   Seriously,  “Techno Squirrels”… I keep picturing a little kid with glow sticks and a Casio  churning out techno from his bedroom.   Here’s  hoping they change their name….

Remind me alot of telepopmusik

Techno Squirrels – Love Comes First


Buy Vinyl Album: mute (Vinyl)

BTW: Happy Halloween!!!

Wolfsheim – Once In A Lifetime


Well, I guess I’m late to the game on this one. Neverheard of Wolfsheim until today and I’m pleasently surprised how good they are at crafting memoriable synthpop/goth tunes. Vocals remind of Peter Murphy, from Bauhaus fame.

Be sure to check out thier myspace page for more tunes.



Buy Album:Spectators

Parrondo – Bolas Bug



Parrondo, aka Jose Parrondo primarily known as a Belgian book author of  children’s books, released an album in 2004 from which this track is found.    
Parrondo travels in the same vein as Cocorosie, with its whimsical sounds and toy instruments.