My Imaginary Life – Soul Sucking Jerk (Beck cover)


Wispy vocals, minimal percussion, acoustic guitar and horn bassline make up the frame work of My Imaginary Life’s cover of Beck’s, ”Soul Sucking Jerk”. My Imaginary Life is 28 year old Jessica Emelia who produced an indie pop / electronic / folk demo album for the on-line [2007 RPM Challenge].

You can also hear more from My Imaginary Life here.

My Imaginary Life – Soul Sucking Jerk (Beck cover)

Lykke Li – Little Bit


From Sweden Stockholm comes 21 year old exuberant,indie, lo-fi pop singer Lykke Li. She just recently wrapped up touring with Peter Bjorn and John as their opening act. Her sound is something between Lily Allen and Peter Bjorn and John.


Lykke Li started dancing ballet when she was five years old and spent many years focusing on dancing. But she also started to write poems almost as soon as she learned how to write. And have been making music since her young teens.
She released her debut three track EP Little Bit in Sweden in the end of September on her own label LL Recordings.
The EP and forthcoming album is produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn & John. Being recorded in both Stockholm and New York.
After a few recent shows in New York, Lykke Li is currently one of the most talked about new artists.

Nice lo-fi pop sounds from Swedish singer Lykke Li.




Pole – Achterbahn

[Guest Post by Brian Smith]


The things I always like best about cuts like this are the facts that go with the idea that you aren’t quite sure about what you’ve just heard after it ends… you wouldn’t call it IDM, though there was certainly enough candy in the piece to keep your attention. You wouldn’t really call it techno because there is no real personally identifiable “hook.” In fact, you wouldn’t be too sure that you’d even label it a “dance” track of any sort… though you were totally groovin’. In the end, you probably wouldn’t be able to decide whether or not the piece you just heard was utterly complex or paleo-basic & elementary, which under certain listening conditions, expands the murk in multifold.

To take from the title of a terrific compilation by one of my favorite record labels (Nonplace) — “Difficult Easy Listening” — I find that to be an appropriate phrase to the question: Where’s your head at? Speaking in terms of what has currently been catching my ear, of course.

His initial releases each came in one primary colored sleeve and numbered 1-3 accordingly (which I never owned until recently), so the new cover art alone was enough for me to stop and recognize that he had something new to say.

Steingarten is Pole’s 6th album and 4th proper album following two releases which featured takes of older material. The track I selected here (Achterbahn) was chosen for its “bounce.” It is generally those tracks, which most find easiest to absorb upon first listen… particularly when discussing some of the more minimal music with such marrow-rich skeletal frame-work.

I chose this record as my electronic album of the year, and it was a pretty tough decision. Mostly because there was another record released last year that I think I recommended more. But in the end it came down to the artist who I think made the biggest statement in terms of how much the material appears to have challenged him (her), and represents a step forward in their careers. No one, in my opinion, made that step bigger last year than Pole.

When an artist releases something at a point in his career that it makes you go back to examine what came before from a different perspective to find out what you’ve been “missing” all along, there ain’t nothing cooler!!! And I’ve discovered even more interesting artists due to THIS record than I have any other in quite some time.

Worked for me!


Pole is the artistic name of Stefan Betke, a German electronic music artist commonly associated with the glitch genre as well as dubtronica.

Pole took his name from a Waldorf 4-Pole filter, which he accidentally dropped and broke in 1996. Though the filter was perhaps no longer appropriate for DJ work in its damaged state, Betke found the strange hissing and popping noises the filter now made interesting, and began using the broken filter to create music, launching his musical career.

Betke’s first four albums, titled “1”, “2”, “3”, and “R” (an intentional trilogy of albums, followed by a collection of remixes of Pole’s 1998 debut EP Raum), were all based around this filter, with songs usually taking the form of dub basslines and rhythms with percussion provided by the eponymous filter. In 2003 Betke departed from this style for the album Pole (a combination of tracks from two EPs, “45/45” and “90/90”), which utilized more traditionally electronic but still eclectic production.

Pole has been distributed on several different labels, including Matador Records and Mute Records, and in 1999 Betke cofounded (with Barbara Preisinger) the label ~scape, also known for publishing Jan Jelinek.



The Bird And The Bee – Polite Dance Song


Please Clap Your Hands EP

This is the best EP of the year thus far and yes I know it’s only January but this is really a solid EP from start to finish. The first track is a cover of the Bee Gees hit “How Deep Is Your Love”, which is more mellow take of the hit. Track two is “Man” has a Lily Allen meets Stereolab feel to it and is my favorite track of the EP. Track three is “Polite Dance Song” which is the current single they are playing on KCRW. Track four is “So You Say” which is an upbeat 60’s stomp, with lush vocals. And track six (the last track on this superb EP) is “The Races” which is a lovely downtempo jazzy beatnik jam.

Here’s the bio from their Wiki:

The Bird and the Bee is an indie/pop/alternative musical duo from Los Angeles, consisting of musicians Greg Kurstin (“bee”) and Inara George (“bird”). Kurstin, a producer and keyboardist who has worked with Lily Allen, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Beck and Red Hot Chili Peppers, is also a member of the band Geggy Tah. Inara George and Kurstin met while the two were working on her debut album and they decided to collaborate on a jazz-influenced electro pop project. Their debut EP, Again and Again and Again and Again, was released on October 2006 and their debut album was released on January 23, 2007 on Blue Note Records.

Irana has announced that their new EP, which is scheduled to be released on Valentines Day, may be given out for free the week of its release as “our Valentine’s gift to you.”