The Moon & Monday – Take What You’d Take


Mix varying amounts of Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Postal Service, Junior Boys, and Coldplay The Moon & Monday create a wonderful new album called (you guessed it) “The Moon & Monday.”

I previously posted a track from The Moon and Monday called Magic Muffin here, and while I was checking up on them to see if anything more had surfaced, I found out that they’ve released an album with 13 tracks this last January on Amazon, a new blog, and a new myspace page.

Songs like “Orbital Twirl” melt me with its soft vocals (think Postal Service) and gorgeous clicky electronic beats. And “Take What You’d Take” has beautiful vocals that intertwine in the chorus where they ebb and flow and overlap perfectly. Give this track a listen until the midway point to hear what I’m talking about. I love the more electronica tracks on this album, but there are also more Rock oriented tracks out there for those looking for more of a jolt. But don’t take my word for it, you can preview the entire album on Amazon or

Below is a track by track break down of the album.

Track listing for The Moon and Monday
1. Medicated | Purchase – Medicated MP3
[More of a rock track]

2. Magic Muffin | Purchase – Magic Muffin MP3
[My fav]

3. Take What You’d Take | Purchase – Take What You’d Take MP3
[Love this song, simply beautiful]

4. All of Our Strength | Purchase -All of Our Strength MP3
[My fav rock track on this album]

5. Orbital Twirl | Purchase – Orbital Twirl MP3

6. What’s Going Under | Purchase – What’s Going Under MP3
[More of a rock track, nice play on vocals]

7. Electric Cars | Purchase – Electric Cars MP3
[Fun moogish track]

8. Incredible | Purcahse – Incredible MP3
[Slower rock jam]

9. Clock the Minute | Purcahse – Clock the Minute MP3
[Slower rock jam]

10. You Could Be the Only One | Purchase – You Could Be the Only One MP3
[upbeat rock track]

11. Getcha Girl | Purchase |Getcha Girl MP3
[short and sweet, the background vocals remind of Martin Gore from Depeche Mode]

12. Slow Release |Purchase | Slow Release MP3
[upbeat rock track]

13. Mother Mother | Purchase – Mother Mother MP3
[upbeat rock track, reminds me of the Smiths]

Or you can purchase the entire album here: The Moon and Monday

Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man


This March we will see the return of brit-pop band, Supergrass and from the forth coming album we have the title track single, “Diamond Hoo Ha Man”.   This track explodes with fuzzy guitars and straight in your face vocals.   Reminds me more of White Stripes stripped down blues sound meets Supergrass vibe.

Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man

Also for your listening enjoyment is “Bad Blood”.   This is track 2 from their forth coming lp.

Supergrass – Bad Blood

Track Listings
1. Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2. Bad Blood
3. Rebel In You
4. When I Needed You
5. 345
6. Return Of …
7. Rough Knuckles
8. Ghost Of A Friend
9. Whiskey And Green Tea
10. Outside
11. Butterfly