Janelle Monae – Sincerely, Jane


Here’s something in the vein of Amy Winehouse but with a bit more soul and strings. This track is brought to us from the 23 year old singer from Kansas City. She’s previously provided vocals on OutKast’s Idlewild soundtrack.




Maps – Elouise


Maps creates beautiful electronica pop that hovers and swoops in pulsating waves.   MAPS is Northampton, U.K. wunderkind, James Chapman. A mix of electronics, pop and psychedelia, his sound can be found in the scale and ambition of Spiritualized, in the single-mindedness of My Bloody Valentine, in the vibes and good times of the Chemical Brothers and in the melodies of The Byrds.

According to their myspace site:
“James- writes the songs and records them on his 16-track. For live stuff Ben, Phil, Matt and Andy make beautiful noises as well.”

And main man James Chapman describes how he created this track Elouise:

I wrote this song around one of the hottest summers I can remember – I think it’s got that kind of vibe to it. When I was in Iceland we added some really cool strings and brass, and they lift the whole song even more. I went to see The Chemical Brothers in Brixton when I was getting the ideas together for this track. We stayed up all night and through the next day. Along the way I met a woman who had been through a lot of horrible shit in her life. She was a great inspiration to me that night and a lot of the lyrics are for her. It’s a song about never giving up basically. (taken from CD Times)

This track is taken from “We Can Create” which was release 2007, and is one of the best albums released this year. Do yourself a favor and just listen to the sampler on the myspace page for this album and I think you’ll agree.

Maps – Elouise


Venus Hum – Yes and No


The three member band known as Venus Hum formed in Nashville in 1999 and have previously opened for Stereolab back in 2002. They combine synth-pop with rock and electronica to great effect. If you like electronic pop with great vocals then Venus Hum is for you, so check’em at their myspace page.




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