The Snoopy Lads – Delayed Departure


Loving this song from The Snoopy Lads, who just dropped their album this month called, “A Ruby In Blue”. Their sound sometimes reminds of a mix between Junior Boys meets Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music.

Lyrics taken from their website:

*“Delayed departure”*

I look at her as I wonder
Her shirt is green, her skirt is blue
Why do these colours make me pause
I walk back home, give you a call
“I ´ll be late” is what I say
“I stay at home” is what I mean

*Delayed departure.*

I take your photo off the sideboard
On its back it says “I love You”
Oh well, it shows this night in August
The woods were green, the lake was blue
We loved our dance in the water
Intimate, cozy, close

*Delayed departure.*

I hesitate in my thoughts:
Am I better off alone?
And I don ´t know if I ´ll regret
But I digress my course with You
Cause like the boats on the blue lake
I see our kinship sail away

*Delayed departure!*

I miss the lady with the blue skirt
As I sit here all alone…

You can hear more from The Snoopy Lads from either their myspace page or their website.

The Snoopy Lads – Delayed Departure

The Cribs – I’m A Realist (Postal Service Remix)


Like this remix of The Cribs – I’m a Realist in which Jimmy of The Postal Service replaced the guitars of the original and replaced them with organ chords and add his special mix of rhythm elements to round everything out.

bio from Last.Fm:

The Cribs are an English 3-piece indie band from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, consisting of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman.

The band has gone on to release 3 albums – self titled debut The Cribs in 2004 and the follow up album The New Fellas in 2005. Their singles have included “You Were Always The One” (#66 on the UK Singles Chart), “What About Me” (#75), “Another Number”, “Hey Scenesters!” (#27), and “Mirror Kissers” (#27). “Martell”, the third single from The New Fellas, was released on August 22nd 2005, reaching #39. The band recorded their third album, “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever‘”at The Warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada with Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand as producer. The album was released on May 21st, preceded by a single, “Men’s Needs”, on May 7th, which reached #17. “Moving Pictures”, the second single from their third album was released on July 30th, charting at #38 on the UK Singles Chart. The third single, a Double A-side featuring “Our Bovine Public” and a new song, “Don’t You Wanna Be Relevant?”, was released on October 22nd and “im a realist” was released on 25th February.

The band are good friends with Leeds indie band the Kaiser Chiefs, and they have regularly toured together and covered each other’s songs. Kaiser Chiefs lead singer Ricky Wilson even invited Ryan as a panellist when he guest-hosted Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The Cribs joined the Kaiser Chiefs and Maxïmo Park for the 05 Rock ‘n’ Roll Riot Tour tour in October 2005. At the 2006 Reading Festival Ryan joined the Kaiser Chiefs onstage when they performed “Modern Way”

The Cribs – I’m A Realist (Postal Service Remix)


The Defence – I Want to Be Alone


Drenched in 80’s synths and drums machines comes The Defence from Edinburgh, UK, with a sound that reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys meets The Human League.

Bio from their site:

The Band:

Keith Kerr

Drew Cosgrove

How we met:

In the summer of 1995 Drew placed an advert in the Melody Maker. Keith, who had already been in several bands, responded and our band was born. We sent our first demo to the Human League, asking if we could support them on the tour they were doing at the time. We needed a name and picked “The Defence” — because we wanted a name starting with “The” and “The Accused” sounded too much like an indie guitar band. Although we didn’t get to support the Human League a rep from Harvey Goldsmith was keen on our tunes. In 1997 we asked Heaven 17 if we could support them at their Edinburgh Fringe show. To our delight their manager called us and said we could — only for the whole thing to fall through because the Fringe organisers had already allocated support slots. We had to make do with VIP passes to the show. Ah, the cruel world of show business. It’s a hard life constantly failing to become international pop-stars. Still, spurred on by the success of Electroclash and the thrill we get from producing records we know that world domination is just around the corner.

By the way, their entire album can be downloaded from their website:


The Defence – I Want to Be Alone

Lismore – Sunrise Girl Says…


Fun electro pop track with great synths and vocals.   Here is the artist bio from wiki:

Lismore is a Jersey City, NJ electronic music group formed by vocalist Penelope Trappes and composer/instrumentalist Stephen Hindman in 2002. The group uses both live instruments and programmed beats to achieve their sound.


Two next door neighbors, Australian-born Penelope and Ohio-bred Stephen, an ex dj/producer (Kingsize), blindly began making electronic pop songs together unwittingly creating their acclaimed glitchy debut CD, We Could Connect Or We Could Not. Influenced by the NYC club scene, analog synths, and touring, Lismore dropped the glitches, 2 band members, and 2 long-term relationships, and morphed themselves into a fattened up, laptop-based, rambunctious indie-disco duo. As ‘You Aint No Picasso’ said: “Lismore sound like a wicked collaboration between Ladytron and Daft Punk.”

Lismore has been playing in NYC and extensively touring the US and Canada throughout 2005, 2006, and 2007.3

Lismore – Sunrise Girl Says…