Laurel Smith – Game Over

Love the Pacman sounds mixed with the siren and a few other gamer tones that open up the track. It’s a moody electronic pop track with flourishes of Hip Hop. This track grows the more you listen to it. Production is superb and some of the vocal effect are priceless. Has a bit of an ELO reverence to them. The melody in chorus is catchy as all get out. The build is excellent and ending is on point.

Justin Hartinger – Skin (feat. Tinsley)

This one I had to give some time to before it really hit me. It’s starts off a bit Trip Hop, similar to LAMB, but then takes a left turn and goes a bit glitch and has this mad bounce to it. It still carries the urban feel of the intro but the chorus really hits. The vocals provide a mood of melancholy and desire. The end of the track just leaves you wanting more.


Dubstep vibe but more on the Trip Hop side of the fence. The chorus is more straight up Trip Hop with the drums and guitar work. What sets it apart though is the vocals. Warm and subtle and never overbearing. The vocals are relaxed but fit the vibe and mood of the track. As his bio states: “Musicmaker from Birmingham/Berlin depending on the weather.”