Queens of Club – Bones

Hooked the first second I heard that synth arpeggiator going from the start of the track. It only got better as the track carries on. It has a gothic vibe mixed with synth pop from the 80’s and modern synth wave. The vocals seduce and pull the listener in till it reaches a crescendo in the chorus with several vocals singing in harmony. This track is for fans of Grimes and Purity Ring.

Adrian Sieber – Slave to the Algorithm

The opening is a retro/flashback to the early years of Depeche Mode and Eurthymics with it’s plucky lead synth line and synth bass. The pre-chorus into the chorus is where we hear a subtle shift to more modern electronic textures. Probably the best melody ever attached to the word Algorithm that I have ever heard. Should be a prize for that. Adrian Sieber (lead singer of Lovebugs) hails from Switzerland.

Matt Welch – Two Reasons

A bit dreamy, a bit romantic and very 80’s synth pop reminiscent in the best way. The classic synth sounds and the interplay between the male (Matt Welch) and female vocals (Mia Bee) are just begging to be in a soundtrack of young love. Matt Welch’s vocals are warm and endearing. If his voice sounds familiar it’s because he also fronts the band, The Good Minus. This track can be found on the newly released EP ‘Two Reasons’.