Big Black Delta – Canary

Big Black Delta has been a favorite of mine going back to 2013 with Side of the Road. Since then every time I see a new release come across I get excited since his particular brand of electronic / pop / rock that is full of life in a 3-demensional way. His latest is a bit more edgier than recent outings. Has a stronger rock electro vibe that runs throughout. Vocals are spot on as usual and the energy is high – think more Nine Inch Nails towards the end of the track.

ENTT – Break Free

A bit more on the electro rock side of things is the new track from ENTT. It’s the energy on the track that stood out on first listen. Then the vocals elevated the track to another level which cemented it for me to blog about. It’s a feel good track with tons of energy, a rocking beat, a ducking bass line and dynamic vocals. ENTT is a three memeber group from London, United Kingdom.


Happy fun psychedlic romp from TTRRUUCES. Has a light summer vibe with a splash of Beck. Apparently this track started to gain a following after being featured on FIFA 2020 without being officially released yet. The music video fits the musical vibe perfectly. Animation is light and fun and would make for some wonderful greeting cards. TTRRUUCES is the adventures of Sad Girl meets Lost Boy.