A Love Like Pi – Jack and The Giant

Dreamy melancholy ambient electronic pop rock — say that three times fast ūüôā

Short Bio:

Much like their name, A Love Like Pi mixes the abstract with the indelible.¬†Drawing from his orchestral background, lead singer Lief arranges pieces that fall¬†along a wide spectrum. From the shimmering and delicate “Jack and the Giant”¬†to the propulsive electronic anthem “Atlas” each A Love Like Pi song offers a new¬†perspective into the trio’s unique dynamic, as well as adding to the album-spanning conceptual narrative the group has committed themselves to finishing.

Mating Ritual – Toxins

I like the attitude on this track from LA native¬†Mating Ritual. ¬†It has a cool verse and energetic chorus with guitars and synths inter playing with odd almost exotic bird call bit — trust me, it works. ¬†This track will play well¬†for fans of Big Data.