NØVE – Bang Bang

NoveThe melody on this is the hook for me.   It’s a soul / R&B electronic pop track along the lines of The Weekend.

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About this song

LA-based alt/R&B artist NØVE will release his new EP Dark Paradise this summer. Bang Bang is the 3rd single from the EP, following Taboo and Trigger. The EP was produced by Johnny What (one third of the LA-based electro pop group BRAVES), and combines electronic sounds with ominous vocals and impactful beats. With a dark past in his rear view, NØVE’s music tells the stories of a “drug war” veteran growing up in the illusive dark paradise of Venice.

Thorne – LoveSick


Got another track from Thorne and this time out we got a more energetic track that still showcases his vocals in a electronic R&B framework.  LoveSick has an unapologetic bassline that smacks you in the face and demands some attention.

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Oktavian – Truth Hurts

OktavianSome synth ducking R&B is just what I wanted to hear today.  Track is produced by Xela and has some delicious harmonies.

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About this song

This is the first original single as a solo artist for Oktavian! He has been featured on a track with Lucian and Mickey Valen before and have written for many artist, including his latest song with Lara Maxen (https://soundcloud.com/laramaxen/bite-the-bullet-prod-mickey-valen).  He has a few features in the pipeline including one with ‘The Him’ as well as more originals that will be released throughout the summer.

Influenced by both James Blake, Soul and Pop music, Oktavian tells his story with a musical honesty that is sometimes difficult to define, but impossible to put down once it’s in your system.