Parrondo – Bolas Bug



Parrondo, aka Jose Parrondo primarily known as a Belgian book author of  children’s books, released an album in 2004 from which this track is found.    
Parrondo travels in the same vein as Cocorosie, with its whimsical sounds and toy instruments.  



Dan Kelly – Nothing Compares To You




Found this track on

This cover of Sinead O’Connor’s – “Nothing Compares To You” (written by Prince)    reminds of the acoustic cover of “Somewhre Over the Rainbow” by Isreal Kamakawiwo Ole with it’s mandalin and  warm vocals.



Here’s the Kamakawiwo cover of    “Somewhre Over the Rainbow”


The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

ting_tings.jpg  [audio:]



This male / female duo produce sunshine fun drenched indie rock/electronic/pop music that is quite catchy.  

Not the greatest quality video, but her it is none the less:




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Musetta – Ophelia’s Song


Lets see, where to start… I’ve been following Musetta (formely named, “Pan”) for over three years now. I stumbled upon an Italian musical festival for unsigned artistes online and was blown away by how Musetta out-shined the competition (they took first place by the way) and were really in a league of their own. Ophelia’s song is a balled set to blissful electronica. More posts for Musetta to come, stay tuned…

Musetta – Ophelia’s Song