Anicetuss & Michael Shynes – Vibrations

This particular indie pop track leans heavily on a jazz groove and moves with a confident swagger. Combine this with the vocals of Micheal Shynes you have a track that truly stands out. Micheal delivers the vocals with a crisp and cool R&B infused vibe. I really hope Micheal collaborates more with producers like Anicetuss that really showcases his vocals and lets him explore new genres.

Ellie Haddad – Gasoline

The tune takes inspiration from several genres like indie pop, jazz and electronic. The smokey vocals and finger snaps are mostly rooted in jazz. The synth bass, various electronic effects is from the electropop side of the house and the last third of the track is indiepop driven. Overall mood is chilled and relaxed till you hit the the 1:45 minute mark where the mood changes and goes a bit darker and harder.

Luxgaze – Vivaldi’s Fall

Start the week off right with this laid back Trip Hop track from Luxgaze. I like the mix of classical and jazz over a Trip Hop beat. This track has summer written all over it. Luxgaze is an artist from Toronto, Canada.