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The Lovepools – Cut Me Slack!

The Lovepools · Cut Me Slack!

Reminds me a bit of MGMT meets Passion Pit with a pinch of Empire of the Sun. This energetic tune has a fun vocal melody that centers around the idea of childhood dreams yet to be realized and the strive to fulfill them. The synth parts remind me quite a bit of MGMT and how they have this swirling vibe to them. The vocals and harmonies are well done and fit the mood perfectly. Really dig the piano lead line in the chorus and the melody of it.

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Welcome Center – Is This All There Is?

Think a cross between Death Cab for Cutie and LCD Soundsystem and you land pretty near to this new releases from Welcome Center. This number has expressive vocals, rocking drums and synth elements. Dig that plucky bassline and Jesse Smiths’ voice riding high over it. Welcome Center is Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick.

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Wazu – Councillor


Influenced by the like of Depeche Mode, Gang of Four and The XX  Wazu is set to release their full length entitled, “Robobo” this October 31st.
Wazu – Councillor

I sat beauty on my knee,
She’d disappointed me
So I told her how to be
That she’d insulted me

Magistrate you’re stained you’re stained
Emperor you’re stained you’re stained

Take your time,
Make sure it’s all that you can find.
Carve a line
And get on the right side

Something got a hold of me
A greater force than me
I told her then and there we’ll be
A pair indefinitely
Bend the line
Make sure it’s harder to define
Gets you on the right side

Magistrate you’re stained you’re stained
Emperor you’re stained you’re stained

Councillor you’re stained you’re stained