Super Collider – It Won’t Be Long (aka Jamie Lidell & Cristian Vogel)


This track has one of the sickest basslines I’ve ever heard on an electronica track.     It’s right up there for me with PJ Harvey’s bassline from “Down By The Water

Super Collider is Jamie Lidell and Cristian Vogel that formed in 1998.   They released two critically-acclaimed albums – Head On in 1999, and Raw Digits in 2002 – before their growing solo careers pushed the project on hold for the foreseeable future.     This track is from their first release, “Head On”.

Super Collider – It Won’t Be Long   (aka Jamie Lidell & Cristian Vogel)

Here’s Jamie doing his thing live — ala beatbox and all:

Jamie Lidell at RFH in 2004 from Ewarwoowar on Vimeo.

ESG – Dance


Lovin’ the bass hook on this track.   ESG (Emerald Sapphire & Gold) was an all girl group from South Bronx, New York circa 1978 to 1990’s.   They mix Soul, Funk, Disco, and New Wave all into their own dance vibe, which would probably be labeled “Deep House” now-a-days.   This track was originally released in 1982 on ESG’s EP titled, “ESG Says Dance To The Beat of Moody”.



Ursula 1000 – Electrik Boogie


Let’s see… add a falsetto vocal track, glaring guitar riffs, women moaning and groaning, 80’s synth strings, samples ripped from various Prince tracks, and yup what you end up with is a Prince  track.   Funny thing though, it isn’t a Prince track but instead Ursual 1000 with “Electrik Boogie”.   This thing can’t possibly sound more Prince, well.. ok, maybe if they threw in a Purple Rain reference…



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