Snowdrifts – Follow

Snowdrifts makes another appearance in short order here on Audiodrums. It’s for good reason, it’s another solid entry. I enjoy their mix of indie pop with electronic pop in a gloomy dystopian way. This the third single from their 2020 release, ‘Eyes of the Lion’.

Deucette – Demain

Not sure what is being sung since the track is in French, and truth be told I never took French in school (my own fault there). In any event, the track still translates as a stand out for the melody and production. The vocal melody is dreamy and sways with emotion. Deucette is a french band from Normandy.

Brando Luis – You’ve Got Me (ft. ZINI)

Right off the bat this track reminds me of Frou Frou (Imogen Heap & Guy Sigsworth). It has solid pop sensibilities with electronic textures and a strong female lead vocal. Like is said, it reminds of Frou Frou which is one of my favorite duos up there with Yazoo (Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet). Long winded way of saying I really dig this track.

The Reverb Junkie – Something Good

This is the latest release from The Reverb Junkie. The track has a soothing texture and a very subtle vocal presence. It can be found her latest EP, The Last Person Awake (Music For: Vol 2). Below is the complete EP for your listening pleasure.