Got A Girl – There’s A Revolution


This track got my ear the second I heard it since it reminded me of Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual.  However, this is not Vegas, it’s Paris baby! With swanky guitar riffs, organ chords, sweet string stabs, and the frenchie-esque vocals of one Mary Elizabeth Winstead (actress from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).


Got A Girl’s enthralling debut album, sees Nakamura – whose innumerable, inimitable credits include influential production (Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon, Gorillaz) and membership in such visionary collaborations as Deltron 3030, Lovage, and Handsome Boy Modeling School – cooking up one of the most exuberant sonic confections of his brilliant career, a giddy and impressionistic setting for Winstead’s — known for her work in the films Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Spectacular Now, and next seen in Kill the Messenger — sweetly detached vocal delivery and nuanced lyricism.

Winstead and Nakamura first crossed paths while both worked on 2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the actor acting and the musician contributing to the score. Right from the jump, the two seemingly disparate artists found they were both surfing similar waves of inspiration. Each were especially enthused by the daft, dewy and even slightly degenerate sounds of 1960s French pop, that uniquely Gallic soufflé of girl group soul, café jazz, lush arrangements and groovy eroticism. They soon commenced writing together, collaborating on lyrics as they learned more about each other’s creative strengths and interests.

I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now is a perfectly realized union of atmospheric ambience and ambitious songcraft. The Automator is of course a master of genre subversion and experimental futurism, effortlessly transmogrifying hip-hop, psychedelia, found sounds, and all manners of pop and world music with his singular taste for prolix wordplay, multiple personas and conceptual adventure. For Got A Girl, he has assembled a rich, enveloping sound world all its own, with hints of Laurel Canyon folk, yacht rock, and sunshine pop stylized and synthesized through sumptuous arrangements, intricate electronics, and unfettered melodic invention. The sonic landscape calls up far flung locales both real and imagined, knit together by restless grooves, elastic dubby beats, and Winstead’s complex characterizations.

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Jenifer Jackson – Mercury, the Sun & Moon



60’s retro cool production from the swinging bass guitar to the vocal harmonies.





Mercury, The Sun And Moon
love is sweet they say
promises of tomorrow
the tighter you grip
the faster you slip
this much i know

lately i want everything
every star tied to a string
coffee tea and in between
the sweetest smile i ever seen
a different song in every room
mercury, the sun and moon

too much of anything
causes one to wonder
inoxicating sighs
promises and lies
this much i know

Skye – What’s Wrong With Me [Jim Noir remix]


Skye Edwards was the former lead singer for Morcheeba, who released a solo effort in 2006 called, “Mind How You Go”.   Funny enough Jim Noir gave this remix the Morcheeba trip hop treatment to full effect, laid back, smooth and sultry with a dash of 60’s psychedelic.

Skye – What’s Wrong With Me [Jim Noir remix]

[New Album Alert] Skye’s second full length is titled, “Keeping Secret” due out later this year.