NEW: Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now

Duran Duran is in studio with mega producer Mark Ronson who is determind to get the boys back to their original sound that made them world famous.   Mark has stated that he was focused on getting Duran Duran back to their “Rio” sound.   I for one am anxiously awaiting this return to form from Duran Duran.

Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now

You can also check out a 30 second sneak peek at another track called Blame the Machines here.

Color Theory – Song Named After a Girl (Odd Year Remix)

I just finished two remixes which you can listen to on  soundcloud.  I did them both for  Color Theory‘s new remix EP titled, “The Silence.”

Color Theory – Song Named After a Girl (Odd Year Remix)

The single off the album and a track I approach with a more “bare-bones” mentality.  This was done mostly with the bassline that runs throughout and minimal synths except for the chorus sections.  I am not a fan of the typical remix, i.e., just speed up the vocals or only use a snippet of vocals and then slam a house beat underneath.  I usually take the approach of  re-visioning  it and asking myself what I would do if I had Brian in the studio to record a new track.  I like the stark contrast of a deep bass with Brian’s voice and really wanted to highlight the melody he wrote for the chorus.  Hope you all enjoy.


I fell in love with Backseat off of Color Theory’s latest release, The Sound and when the  opportunity  arose to remix it, I couldn’t resist.  This track has the classic depeche mode melancholy  to which I wanted to do a more “widescreen” edition of.  Hence the rain and thunder efx on the track.

Color Theory – Backseat (Odd Year Remix) by oddyear

Color Theory is the music outlet for one Brian Hazard, who is also known for his mastering production house,  Resonance Mastering.