Top 25 Electronic Pop Singles of 2010 (11 – 17)

We now continue with the countdown at 17:

17. Miami Horror — Holidays

Hard edits and a  funky house beat go a long way with a  brilliant  vocalist.  For some reason this track has a early  Micheal Jackson feel to it.  Perhaps it’s that driving kick and snare ala Billie Jean.   Whatever the case, I get lost in the groove of this track.

Miami Horror — Holidays

16. Bloodgroup — My Arms

Its funny how a finding a track can change my whole day.  It’s like falling in love at first sight.  You feel a glow radiate from the center-out and can’t contain the  excitement  of it all.  Such was the case of finding the beautiful heart wrenching track from Bloodgroup.  Now  technically, this was released in late 2009, but your’s truly didn’t stumble upon it till late 2010, hence the inclusion on this list.

If you like melancholy vocals, minimal electronic elements, and a  heartbeat  beat, then you are in luck.

Bloodgroup — My Arms

15. Chew Lips – Play Together

Releasing a rather well produce album is Chew Lips at the 15 spot on the list.  Up front vocals and fx treated synths lay in store on this track.  Semi-rock, semi-pop, but very much melodic electronic pop.

Chew Lips – Play Together

14. Graffiti6 — Stare Into The Sun

The sweet sound of northern soul married with rock pop sensibility is a win-win in my book.  Graffiti6 is a collaboration of music producer Tommy D and singer songwriter  Jamie Scott.

Graffiti6 — Stare Into The Sun

13. Vampire Weekend – White Sky

After gushing over Discovery last year (Discovery is   the side project of Vampire Weekend’s keyboardist/arranger/producer, Rostam Batmanglij, and Ra Ra Riot frontman Wes Miles) it should come as no  surprise  that I would have a soft spot of this track.   On this track Vampire Weekend expands their palette to include more synths and electronic textures, and I just adore Ezra’s vocals.  So this is a slam dunk in my book.

Vampire Weekend – White Sky

12. Yadi — Guillotin (Demo)

What a beautiful and striking voice and well crafted song to boot.  The melody on the chorus is just so damn good.  If you like Marina & The Diamonds, then is something you don’t want to sleep on.  This is just one of three demo’s that make my best of list this year!

Yadi — Guillotin (Demo)

11. Telekinesis — Dirty Thing

Yes, I know I label this list as “Top 25 Electronic Pop Singles of 2010” but this  indie pop track couldn’t be denied.  Every element is placed in perfect concert in the track.   Love the bass and  tambourines with the organ stabs, just so delightful.  Telekinesis is a Seattle based band and this track was taken from  their latest ep on  Morr Music called, “Dirty Thing”.

Telekinesis — Dirty Thing

Top 25 Electronic Pop Singles of 2010 (25 – 18)

Lets start with the obvious, two tracks on this list would hardly be considered electronic but they won my heart this year and have been included on this list (Telekinesis — Dirty Thing & Graffiti6 — Stare Into The Sun). Also note that one track, Bloodgroup — My Arms, was released in 2009 but I somehow missed this hidden gem, so it’s included in this list as well. Without further delay, let’s get onto the music.

25. The Count & Sinden — After Dark (ft. Mystery Jets)

This track just has that 80’s Culture Club vibe on it that I dug all year.

The Count & Sinden — After Dark (ft. Mystery Jets)

24. Drop and Solo — Never Saw It Coming

Self indulgent, yes.  DO I CARE?  No.   So let me  illuminate  the  situation.   I am one half of Drop and Solo — me being the “Solo” part and was quite proud of this demo, so it makes the list.  It features Will Curry on vocals and has a chilled house vibe to it.  So please enjoy and share!

Drop and Solo — Never Saw It Coming
Drop and Solo – Never Saw it Coming by oddyear

23. FM Belfast –   I Can Feel Love

Ahh, it’s been said one too many times, but yes i’ll say it again, FM Belfast is a modern day Human League, but from Iceland.   This track is taken from  2010 full length release, ” How To Make Friends”.

FM Belfast –   I Can Feel Love

22. Teddybears — Chrystal Meth Christian (ft. Flaming Lips)

Rocking as only the Teddybears can is a loud and ruckus track with a fun hook.  Did I mention it has one of those Disneyland electrical parade type sounds in the  chorus?  Yeah, one of those and it rocks.

Teddybears — Chrystal Meth Christian (ft. Flaming Lips)

21. Monarchy — The Phoenix Alive

Smooth and cool with warm vocals is the sound of Monarchy.  Their entire 2010 release is solid from start to finish and shouldn’t be missed if you are a fan of Maroon 5 type vocals married with electronic elements.

Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive

20. Conner Youngblood — Monsters

One of the best presents I received in my inbox for 2010.  The majority of tracks I receive never make it on my blog because of one simple rule: Would I listen to this on my iPod?  If the answer is “No”, then I delete-delete the email and carry on.   This one however was one of the rare exceptions that actually got me to say hell “Yeah” I would listen to this and I want to tell the whole world they should check this one out.

Conner blends electronic pop with a banjo and a driving dubstep bassline with such ease it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been done before.

Conner Youngblood — Monsters

19. Whitey — Dinosaur

Yes, it’s my dear Whitey at 19.   I hope 2011 gets Whitey more exposure and airplay.  This guy just has “it”.  You can hear the love and devotion he puts into his music.  This isn’t by means a “slap it together” and see what happens production.  Whitey delivers sharp, cunning lyrics and marries them to something fresh and unique.   He is not one to stand around and wait for the world to catch up.  So be forward thinking and give this track it’s proper due.

Whitey — Dinosaur

18. Storm Queen — Look Right Through (ft. Damon C. Scott)

Oh my, I just love the hell out of this track.  I have a soft spot for vocal house that leans on the more minimal deeper side of things and Storm Queen delivers on this track.  “Storm Queen” is the moniker of one Morgan Geist.  Damon’s  voice just sets off the track and word has it that he meet Morgan while he was busking in a NYC subway.

Storm Queen — Look Right Through (ft. Damon C. Scott)
Look Right Through (Vocal) by TimeOutNewYork

Theophilus London – Oops (Tweet Cover)

Oops was written by Tweet and Missy Elliott (produced by Timbaland) for Tweet’s 2002 debut album, Southern Hummingbird. Theophilus had this to say about this cover track and his mixtape, “I Want You”:

Was a hard one covering this track. Def. wanted to cover an edgy song on “I WANT YOU” Shouts to Hudson Mohawke for killing the sounds

Theophilus London – Oops (Tweet Cover)

Also check out Theophilus on Maximum Balloons’ track, “Groove Me (ft. Theophilus London)

Bloodgroup – My Arms

Taken from thier critically acclaimed debut, “Dry Land” is a haughting electronic fused track.  If you’re into Miike Snow like I am, I’m sure this will be an instant hit with you.

Bloodgroup – My Arms

bio from

Having released one of the very best albums of 2009 in Iceland according to critics and others alike, Bloodgroup have risen from making simple electro pop in run-down houses in East-Iceland to something much bigger.

Bloodgroup is made up of three talented Icelandic siblings, Halez, Raggi and Lilja, and Faroese techno mastermind Janus. This four-piece band is known for sensational live shows, their captivating melodies and powerfully crafted brand of electronic music. Bloodgroup released their debut album, Sticky Situation, in November 2007. The album was very well received, and Bloodgroup were considered as one of the most interesting bands in Iceland following its release. The next two years were spent mostly on touring, playing festivals like SXSW in Austin, Texas, NXNE in Toronto, Canada, Roskilde festival in Denmark, CMJ in New York, Eurosonic in the Netherlands and Iceland Airwaves.

Bloodgroup’s second album, Dry Land, was released in Iceland on December 2nd 2009. It has been one of the most successful albums in Iceland since its release, praised by critics and the first single, My Arms, has done extremely well on Icelandic radio. Dry Land received the Icelandic independent “Kraumur” Album awards and has been called “the best album of the year” by most critics in Iceland, and has been described as a big step forward for the band.