NEW: Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Beautiful melancholy and sweeping vocals adorn this track.  I can see some great remixes generated from this track in the future.  And the steel drum  makes an appearance here too, just like in  One Life Stand

NEW: Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Lyrics (from what I can decipher):

she said
how did we get ourselves so lost
but I said
I don’t know
but we will not be leaving tonight, tonight
when you hold me
I, I feel better
I only want one life
together in our arms
this is the longest night
we’re meeting arms to arms
nothing is wasted
and life is worth living
heaven is nowhere
just look to the stars
there is a daylight
it’s yours for embracing
everything is nothing
and nothing is ours

NEW: Hot Chip – One Life Stand


Latest track from the forthcoming album from Hot Chip is a electronic burner that steadily moves along with a   steel drum   accompaniment.   The old analogue synths on this track remind me of the types of sounds Depeche Mode would use in their early years, which is a treat for this D-mode fan.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

NEW: Groove Armada (featuring SaintSaviour) – I Wont Kneel


Groove Aramada are set to release a new full length, “Black Light”, from which this track is taken from.  It features the lovely and soulful voice of SaintSaviour.  This track has that 80’s Eurythmics  cool factor messed with rocking beats and a delicious  bass synth.

Groove Armada (ft SaintSaviour) – I Wont Kneel


SaintSaviour was the former lead singer of The RGB’s but has now struck out on her own.  She also teamed up with Joe and Will Ask for a track called, “Fabric of Win (ft. SaintSaviour):

Joe and Will Ask? –  Fabric Of Win (ft. SaintSaviour) (RadioEdit)