Christopher Norman – Connect Me

Christopher Norman is back with a new release from his forthcoming “EP 3 “.   This time around, it’s a warm mid tempo track showcasing his velvet smooth voice (think Damon Albarn [Gorillaz  front man] in tone).  Love the balance of electronic tones with the  more  traditional classical elements, such as the piano and strings, a lovely balance indeed.

Christopher Norman – Connect Me

Connect Me by misternorman



[verse 1]
room alight with sparks
running up the wall / more static left to discharge
diffusing it quietly
i know how it feels to be
stuck living inside your head
chasing words that were never said

baby I can feel the voltage running through my skin
come on and tap into the current i’m generating
down through every node
my circuits overload with all this energy

heart racing / without a sound
every wall around you coming down
take a look at me / plug it in and see
how it works when you connect me

[verse 2]
none of your transmissions getting free
you’re out of time / no charge left in your battery
all of this resistance in your way
with no power you’ll decay
don’t you know I’m calling you all the time?
nothing but noise to hear on your line