Best Electronic Music of 2011 (thus far…) part 3

Back again with the Best of 2011 (thus far…) pt 3
This is my list of the best electronic music I found between the months of July through Sept of 2011
You can read all picks from  January  – Sept:  here


1 Joe Goddard

Joe Goddard — Gabriel (ft. Valentina) removed per request
 Joe Goddard feat. Valentina – ‘Gabriel’ by Greco-Roman

2 Benoit & Sergio

Benoit & Sergio — Everybody






3 The Twelves

The Twelves — When You Talk






4 The Black Ghosts

The Black Ghosts — In The Clouds






5 Christopher Norman

Christopher Norman — Maps






6 When Saints Go Machine

When Saints Go Machine — Kelly






7 Jhameel Bernal

Jhameel Bernal — Bernal Heights






8 Black Light Dinner Party

Black Light Dinner Party — Small Boxes







9 Brandy Kills

Brandy Kills — One






10 David Lyre

David Lyre — Hidden Ground






11 Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities — Foreign Language (ft. Jess)







12 Monarchy

Monarchy — You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (ft. Britt Love)







13 Beni

Beni — Someone Like You (ft. Mattie Safer)