Kelis – Acapella (Acid Washed Remix)

Just got this in my drop box from Daniel Harding, thx Daniel!

The original version of that track already screamed Erasure, but this remix of it by Acid Washed has solidified it as an Erasure production through and through.  Love the Giorgio Moroder flavor as well.

Kelis – Acapella (Acid Washed Remix)

Acid Washed are:

Richard D’Alpert and  Andrew Claristidge had a vision of creating sophisticated electronics with a sharp pop aesthetic, using vintage and modern equipment. The result is a fusion of late nineties French house vibes and DFA disco touches that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit without being overly reverential. Throw names like Steve Reich,  Giorgio Moroder into the hat as well if you like, but don’t dwell on them. Cosmic tunes for the party tonight

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