Silver Columns – Brow Beaten

Think Jimmy Somervile meets Hercules Love Affair on this one,which is a delightful mix.  Not much is on the web about these guys (Adem Ilhan and Johnny Lynch), but here is there myspace page.

Silver Columns – Brow Beaten

Here’s a remix of the track by Joe Goddard of Hot Chip:

Silver Columns – Brow Beaten (Joe Goddard Remix)

Here are various remixes of tracks from their forthcoming full length:

Silver Columns – Cavalier (The Time And Space Machine Remix)

Silver Columns – Yes and Dance (Silver Columns Remix)

Silver Columns – Yes and Dance (Weirdo Police Remix)

Silver Columns are due to release ‘YES AND DANCE’ on May 24th.


1. Cavalier
2. To Wake You
3. Yes and Dance
4. Always On
5. Brow Beaten
6. Columns
7. Warm Welcome
8. Is It Still You
9. Heart Murmurs
10. Way Out

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