Audio Drums Exclusive: Color Theory – It Must Be Halloween

Got my hands on the latest Color Theory track.  This track is taken off the forthcoming full length release which is currently untitled and due out August 4.
Color Theory (aka Brian Hazard) has ventured in some new territory on this track by including chip tune sounds in his arrangement.  My favorite part of this track is hearing the laughter in Brian’s voice when he sings “So I laugh”

Color Theory – It Must Be Halloween


It Must Be Halloween

©2010 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)

You emerge

Your face drawn in black and white

Your corset laced up just right

A vampire in fishnets

“So,” I laugh

“What are you supposed to be?”

You smile but won’t answer me

Is this a trick or treat?

Master of the cheap disguise

Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes, I tell you

(You/I/We) sure know how to make a scene

It must be Halloween

Half asleep

We race home to beat the dawn

I cut through a corner lawn

And slice my head on a branch

“Hang on — I just need to catch my breath”

You say that I look like death

And toss back your head to laugh in revenge.

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