NiYi – Jungle Fever

From the dark side of another planet arises Niyi with his own brand of house music that showcases some Faithless-esque vocals and low pulsating bass sounds.
Press Release:

Niyi’s back!   The multi-tasking – and talented — one-man musician, DJ, club promoter, fashionista and general boy-about-town releases his six track EP ‘Jungle Fever’ on Holloway Hit Factory – his own record label – on 4th January.

Since his last single ‘Poached Eggs’/’I Love You All’, Niyi’s been a busy boy. He was recently featured in a five-page shoot for Clash magazine’s October issue, which is out now. He also ran his hugely popular weekly club night ‘I Heart Niyi’ at Punk in Soho for a year, which was graced each week with the crème de la crème of the fashion and music world (Lady Ga Ga performed live last year as part of London Fashion Week and Calvin Harris, Little Boots and Golden Silvers have all DJed).

However; he no longer runs the club night but has been busy causing mayhem on the decks at the likes of this year’s Glastonbury, Reading, Offset, Field Day and opening the annual fashion fair Bread and Butter in Barcelona.

Despite Niyi not owning a TV for more than eight years, if you watched last year’s ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’ — you would have seen him on there too as one of the show’s regular contributor.

It’s hard to sum up Niyi. The ex Central St. Martin students’ musical repertoire is refreshingly unpredictable. A softly-spoken “rapper”, Niyi cannot be lumped into existing categories and so forges his own genre-bending music which is represented on ‘Jungle Fever’. Other themes on this bizarre musical wonderland include: clean work surfaces, reclaiming his “bump”, Great Britain and Dirty Girls. Sounds crazy? You’d have to check it out to get your head around it.

“Jungle Fever is a  about sexual passions. I’ve tried to explore this theme throughout the three tracks with different takes on it which can all be interpreted differently by the listener.” Niyi

Niyi will be performing live at his new under 21-year old club night ‘Poison’ at London’s Cargo on Monday 21st December which will feature an array of new Djs and live acts spanning dubstep, UK funky, drum ‘n’ bass and electro. There will be four ‘Poison’ events per year.

So, Niyi neatly defies definition. He is much more than the token Nigerian boy who grew up in Essex!

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