Planningtorock – Hiding Where I’ll Find Me


Picking up where The Creatures left off and infusing the off-kilter instrumentation with some soul is Planningtorock.   Planningtorock is:

The alter ego of multi-instrumentalist/programmer/videographer Janine Rostron, Planningtorock fuses all of Rostron’s talents into a dazzling audiovisual presentation that borrows from classical music, glam rock, spacey imagery, and hip-hop. A classically trained violinist who began playing at age eight, Rostron moved from Bolton, Lancashire, to Berlin in 2002 the Planningtorock persona first surfaced in 2004, when she began performing at the city’s clubs. Planningtorock’s live shows blurred the boundaries between concerts and performance art, with Rostron wearing outlandish helmets and costumes and interacting with video characters. Planningtorock’s debut single Modern Love and the Weimar Tour EP arrived early the following year and showcased Rostron’s unique mix of pizzicato strings, beats, and husky vocals that could change from bluesy to quirky (or vice versa) at a moment’s notice. In 2004, Rostron issued the MP3 EP Topics on a Foreign Mind via Twisted Nerve Records, as well as EP Eins – which featured the underground hit “Local Foreigner” – on her own Rostron imprint (which also released work by the Knife, the Soft Pink Truth, and Kevin Blechdom). After signing to Chicks on Speed Records, Planningtorock released the limited-edition 7” Changes/I Wanna Bite Ya early in 2006 and her first full-length, Have It All, that summer.
After extensive touring through 06/07/08 both solo and with artists such as LCD Soundsystem, The Knife, Peaches and Hot Chip – Planningtorock took time off to record her second full length album.
Rumor has it that the new record with be release on DFA records early 2010.     [taken from wiki]

This track is taken from Planningtorock’s full length (which I suggest you pick up) called, “Have It All”.   And I would like to thank Felix Martin for turning me onto her!

Planningtorock – Hiding Where I’ll Find Me

Side note, It looks like Felix Martin and Al Doyle of Hot Chip will be working with Planningtorock on her forthcoming album, this sounds very interesting to me.   Here’s the twitter that Felix posted,

“Hot_Chip: Me & Al are working in the studio with @planningtorock all week on her forthcoming album and she might help a bit with our stuff too ”
Planningtorock – Hiding Where I’ll Find Me

Video for “Planningtorock – When are you gonna start”:

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