Gry with FM Einheit – Princess Crocodile


Hailing from Denmark, Gry with FM Einheit have this very catchy 1920’s inspired number that includes samples from that era of music.   F.M. Einheir was a founding member of electro industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, who left the band in the mid 90’s and started working on solo projects.   Gry is (Gry Bagøien) a female singer form Denmark who currently resides in Germany.

Gry with FM Einheit – Princess Crocodile

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  1. Good song- not quite epic, but still good. I always enjoy hearing electronic music with clips from past eras of music. I’m putting together a dance playlist, I think I may boost the bass on this track and use it; it could be excellent for a swing-dancing song.

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